à la carte


à la carte

Dry Food

With its perfect formula and unique ingredients Bonacibo offers “À la Carte”nutrition options to our friends that have a very special place in our lives.

Kitten Food
For Kittens
Kitten ~ Chicken
Adult Cat Food
For Adult Cats
Adult Cat ~ Chicken
For Adult Cats
Adult Cat ~ Lamb & Rice
For Sterilised Cats
Adult Cat ~ Light & Sterilised

Canned Wet Food

Our canned foods are formulated to fully meet all nutritional needs of our friends with rich meat content and all-natural nutrients.

Pouch Wet Food

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, our adult cat foods in 85 g pouches with 77% and 80% total meat and animal derivatives content are very delicious, healthy and nutritious.


Bonacibo Probiotic helps regulate the digestive system and support the immune system with the probiotic microorganisms it contains.

Cat Sticks

You can use these very delicious Bonacibo Cat Sticks for your cat’s training and / or as a treat.