Veal complementary food for adult dogs.

Bonacibo Dog Sticks

Adult Dog Sticks with Beef


Meat and animal derivatives (4% beef), vegetable protein extracts, minerals, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin.

There are 11 Gram x 5 piece award bars in a 55 Gr package. 

It can be given in the training of your dog or as a reward. Apart from the reward foods, nutritional values should be given a full and nutritious formula. Please do not forget to always keep fresh and clean water in a place where your dog can reach.

Analytical Components

Moisture % 30
Crude Protein % 39
Fat Content % 18
Crude Ash % 9
Crude Fibre % 1
Vitamin E 80 mg/kg 
  1. Can Bonacibo Cat Sticks and Bonacibo Dog Sticks also be used for kittens and puppies? If yes, how many of these sticks should we give to them on a daily basis?

    It is suitable to be used both by kittens and puppies. Feeding them with 1 to 2 pieces on a daily basis would be adequate. It is also highly recommended to break the sticks into little pieces before feeding our animals.