About Us

Çağatay Evcil Hayvan Mamaları ve Yem Ürünleri San. and Tic. A.S. was established as a trading company in 1982 by Oktay ÇAĞATAY, who had worked as a technical manager, an operation manager, a factory manager, a general manager and a consultant in the private sector during his 26 years of business life and also provided project drawing, establishment and start-up for
8 factories in Turkey within this period.

At the age of thirteen, the company began its initiatives for a serious and fully equipped manufacturing facility, creating the necessary capital and substructure.

In 1998, performing a first and bringing the extruder technology into Turkey that had recently been introduced even in Europe, has played a major role in the development and exportation of the Aquaculture industry of Turkey, which was rising on those days and has been the leading sector since then.

In early 1999, the company took the decision of initiating pet food production that was a serious deficiency in Turkey. In this regard, necessary training and preparations were completed by doing researches and cooperating with a company among the top three in petfood producers in Europe. After about two years of intensive and detailed work, the company started the production of cat and dog food in 2001.

We use only the best quality
raw materials in the world.

Approximately 30% of the raw material intake comes from Çangal Tarım enterprises, which belongs to Çağatay family.

Other raw materials are imported directly from suppliers (without a trader between) who produce the highest quality in the world. Raw material consignments are periodically carried out from different countries.

All raw materials coming to our factory after the analysis values are approved for compliance with the required criteria are placed in our raw material warehouses composed of 12.000 m² closed area and checked and inspected in full compliance with the HACCP regulations.

In our laboratory, 360 physical analyzes
and 100 chemical analyzes are performed
on average per day.

The raw materials of animal and vegetable origin are carefully selected by our EU certified international and domestic suppliers for us and go through several examinations till they arrive our factory.

Samples taken by official veterinarians prior departure pass through microbiological analyzes such as Salmonella and Enterobacteria and their suitability is approved with a Veterinary Health Certificate.

Once they reach the borders of our country, their quality documents are controlled by the Veterinary Border Inspection Directorate and samples are taken in order to conduct analyzes such as microbiological, toxicological, heavy metal, pesticide, gene analysis and GMO.

Our hightech production facilities are rigorously managed by professional staff who always maintains training.

Çağatay Evcil Hayvan Mamaları ve Yem Ürünleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. has reached its current pioneer and leading position in petfood sector in Turkey by evaluating its knowledge and experience acquired by performing a detailed and meticulous work since 1982 optimally in the production area.

As a company which brings extruder (Wenger – US) technology to pet food industry in Turkey and produces the first domestic pet food at beyond European standards, we use the latest technology and complete automation systems today.