BonaCibo À la carte


Our complete and balanced cat and dog foods that meet nutritional needs of our pets are formulated, advised and improved by David Southey, PN, who has been working as a dog and cat nutritionist for 20 years.


All formulas made from raw materials with superior quality are beyond the AAFCO and FEDIAF standards and perfectly balanced in all aspects.


Our customers test all our efforts and provide their feedback regularly.

Our pets will tell us whether the food is in good or bad quality. If they are fed with a good quality food, they will be more willing to eat and generally consume all of the portion. Besides their stools should be solid but not dry and should not break apart easily. And also their fur should be shiny.

With its perfect formula and unique ingredients Bonacibo offers “À la Carte”nutrition options to our friends that have a very special place in our lives.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

For pets a healthy life means unrestricted mobility, well management of their energy levels, maintenance of a stable immune system, support of cognitive alertness and visual performance.


Phenomind™: a natural solution to limit the effects of aging on dogs and maintain the bond between pets and owners.

Pets’ life span has been continuously increasing over the past years. Advanced age in dogs is frequently associated with memory loss and decline of physical vitality. As their loyal friends age, dog owners witness them being less dynamic, less prompted to play, and more sensitive to environmental factors. And with time, interactions between dogs and their parents deteriorates thus eroding their connection.

Keep the fond memories alive, keep the connection on.

By enriching our BonaCibo Adult Dog Foods with Phenomind™, which is a natural source of polyphenols that consists of grape and blueberry extracts, we have developed brand-new dog foods.

Our new adult dog foods have a strong positive impact on memory regression by ageing on dogs of all breeds. It helps maintain the communication and of course friendship bonds between pets and owners for a longer time by protecting dogs’
cognitive abilities through ageing.

``À la carte``


    The formula prepared by world-renowned nutritionist…

    300 physical analyses and 100 chemical analyses per day…

    Sustainability with high technology standards and raw material suppliers…

    A happy and healthy life with our friends…


For us, nutrition means unrestricted mobility, energy level management, maintaining a healthy immune system, mental alertness and visual performance support.

Cognitive Health

Phenomind™: a natural solution to limit the effects of aging on dogs and maintain the bond between pets and owners. Pets’ [...]


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