A healthy lifestyle requires a better nutrition.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Cats and dogs that are active during their whole lives need a healthy diet so that their bodies can function ideally.

What are required for pets to run, jump, play or hunt as they wish are energy, joints functioning completely, optimum muscle performance, cardiovascular endurance, an acute mind and a healthy paw pads.

All these are physical properties for pets to feel themselves well.

Weight Management

It is a well-known fact that the incidence of excessive weight and obesity are increasing rapidly in...

Oral Care

Dental care and hygiene has become one of the main focusses for veterinary and nutritional professio...

Vision Health

Whether hunting, climbing, or just playing, our pets rely greatly on good vision in order to fulfil...

Cognitive Health

Phenomind™: a natural solution to limit the effects of aging on dogs and maintain the bond between p...