Til hvalpe af alle racer op til 12 måneders alderen

Bonacibo Puppy med Kylling

Bonacibo Puppy er sammensat med den optimale balance af protein, fedt og kulhydrater for at sikre en sund vækst. Foderet er desuden beriget med Omega-3 fedtsyrer, essentielle mineraler og vitaminer for at forbedre udnyttelsen af næringsstofferne og dannelse af kroppens knogler.

Sund udvikling

God for fordøjelsen

Immun support

Til hvalpe af alle racer op til 12 måneders alderen


Tørret kyllingeprotein (37%), Baldo ris (18%), Majs, Raffineret kyllingeolie, fiskemel af ansjoser (6%), Tørret ølgær, Ansjosolie, Johannesbrød, Hydrolyseret kyllingelever, Nukleotider fra gærprotein, Tørret Roesnitter, Mineraler, Præbiotiske Mannan Oligosaccarider (MOS), Tang, Tørret blåbærpulver, Yucca ekstrakt, Psyllium, Morgenfrue pulver.  Hypoallergenisk: Indeholder ikke oksekød, mælkeprodukter eller hvede.





Analytiske bestanddele

Protein % 30
Råfedt % 15
Råaske % 8
Råfibre % 2,2
Omega-6 % 3,6
Omega-3 % 0,75

Ernæringsmæssige tilsætningsstoffer

Vitamin A 20.000 IU/kg 
Vitamin D31.800 IU/kg 
Vitamin E400 mg/kg 
Vitamin K30,42 mg/kg 
Vitamin C200 mg/kg 
Vitamin B13,61 mg/kg 
Vitamin B27,84 mg/kg 
Vitamin B63,10 mg/kg
Vitamin B120,07 mg/kg
Pantotensyre31,06 mg/kg
Folinsyre0,66 mg/kg
Niacin24 mg/kg
Biotin0,32 mg/kg
Kobbersulfat15 mg/kg
Zink (som sulfat)80 mg/kg
Zink (som chelat)20 mg/kg
Mangansulfat27 mg/kg
Selen0,26 mg/kg
Glukosamin1.000 mg/kg
Condroitin700 mg/kg
EU godkendte antioxidanter 
Sund udvikling
BonaCibo er sammensat med et balanceret forhold mellem protein og fedt, der opretholder en sund vækst og optimalt stofskifte under et langt liv. En optimal balance af mineraler opretholder også en god udvikling og knoglevækst.
Hjerte og muskel pleje
Med optimale niveauer af vitamin A og Niacin for at maksimere muskeludvikling og fremme slank kropsbygning.
BonaCibo er beriget med en blanding af vitaminer, aminosyrer og har den rigtige balance af omega-6 : Omega-3 forholdet for at sikre en sund hud og skinnende pels.
Pleje i drægtighedstiden
Høj fordøjelighed af protein og balance mellem aminosyrerne medfører at BonaCibo er det ideelle foder for drægtige tæver og sikrer en høj fødselsvægt og højt immunforsvar ved fødsel.
Pleje i dieperioden
Ved at fodre tæven med BonaCibo i dieperioden, opfyldes hvalpenes krav til næringsstoffer via den høje kvalitet af mælk som tæven producerer, som indeholder essentielle fedtsyrer, der er nødvendige for en sund vækst og mineraler nødvendige for en sund udvikling af knoglestrukturen.
Ved at bruge højt fordøjelige råvarer og skånskomme kogeprocesser sikrer Bonacibo makismal fordøjelighed af foderet.
Led og knogler støtte
Ud over at reducere overskydende vægt for at lindre stress på leddene, indeholder BonaCibo forhøjede niveauer af naturligt afledt glucosamin og chondroitin for at støtte sund og fleksibel brusk og sunde led.
Vitamin og Mineral balance
Optimale niveauer af vitaminer og spormineraler tilsættes for at understøtte stofskiftet og sikre vedvarende energiproduktion hele dagen.

Lavt allergenindhold

Det er hypoallergenisk, når det ikke indeholder nogle af de mest almindelige allergene stoffer for hunde, som okse, mælkeprodukter, hvede eller sojaprodukter.

Lavt kornindhold

Det hjælper din hund til at opretholde et sundt liv ved at indholde en lille mængde korn, som også er en del af næringsstofferne.
  1. What is Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

    Glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally occurring nutrients which are involved in the production of cartilage within joints. Cartilage is continually being broken down and rebuilt in the body, and these nutrients are essential to ensure that he building process continues and the breakdown is not excessive. In most healthy adult dogs there is sufficient produced by the body however, in some dogs additional supplementation via the food is necessary. Most of the Cagatay dog foods contain both nutrients, with raised levels in the food for large breeds, Whilst additional supplementation with pills and powders is not necessarily harmful, as excess is excreted in the urine, it can be a waste of money.

  2. What are the differences between Bonacibo Puppy and Bonacibo High Energy Puppy recipes?

    Both recipes are carefully formulated to meet the needs of growing and developing Puppies.

    In particular we focused on mineral balance to ensure healthy bone development and the amino acid profile to optimize muscle growth. We have increased vitamin content to maximize metabolism and aid sustainable body growth.

    Bonacibo Puppy is ideal for Puppies of all breeds.

    Bonacibo High Energy Puppy contains elevated energy levels for outdoor and active Puppies, and also raised levels of Chondroitin and Glucosamine to support their developing joints.

    Vitamin and Mineral levels are also boosted to promote metabolism.

    After weaning both Puppy and H. E. Puppy food can be fed through to Adult stage, which is at around 8 to 10 months for a small breeds and 12 to 14 month for a large breed.

    Both Puppy foods can be used for a longer period without harm however the weight and body condition should be carefully monitored.

    High Energy Puppy is also ideal for pregnant and lactating female dogs due to its high energy and vitamin content. For pregnant dogs High Energy Puppy should be fed during the last third of the pregnancy, which is the last 20 days. After whelping High Energy Puppy can be offered freely up until weaning to provide sufficient energy and minerals for milk production.

  3. When can you start to use dry petfood for a newborn dog?

    Puppy foods can be introduced at weaning by softening a few kibbles with warm water not with the milk and leave them close to their bed. If they do not accept the food readily you can also put a small spot of soften food on their front paws, which they will tend to lick and hence become familiar to the smell and taste. Once they have accepted the moistened food an additional bowl of dry food can be placed nearby and the quantity of moistened food reduced, which will encourage them to move across to the dry. Once they have all accepted the dry food the moistened food can be removed, but always allow them nearby access to clean, fresh water at all times.

  4. How can you accustom a dog to eat dry petfood?

    Some dogs do prefer wet food however, dry feeding can be more convenient and cost effective. To introduce your dog to dry food for the first time it is advisable to do so very gradually by mixing a little dry food in with the wet food. It is often the texture of the dry food that the dog can find unusual, so do not be worried if it rejects the dry food at first. You can also soften the food with a little warm water, never milk because by adding milk to a nutritionally complete food, it will add fat, sugar and protein and so will potentially unbalance the diet and some dogs, have an intolerance to lactose contained in particularly cow’s milk which causes loose faeces and sometimes vomiting. You can also offer one or two kibbles by hand as a treat before its main meal. Once it has accepted a few kibbles you can increase the proportion of dry to wet food over a period of around a week, until dry is the only food offered.

  5. Is there any reason why you cannot serve Puppy food to an Adult Dog?

    Puppy and HE Puppy both contain more protein and energy than the adult foods. They are perfectly suitable for adult dogs however, they can cause excessive weight gain if the dogs does not require these extra nutrients. If your dog is exercising intensely or does not tend to maintain a regular weight, the Puppy and HE Puppy might be more suitable however, generally the adult foods are more suited to dogs over 1 year old.

  6. What is the difference between lamb and poultry origin petfood? Which one is more nutritious for cats?

    Both Cagatay poultry and lamb based foods are nutritionally complete, and so provide all of the nutrients that our cats need on a daily basis. It is not really correct to say that lamb or poultry is more suitable for a cat, it is more important to recognise that a good quality food is always better than a poor quality diet, regardless of the meat type. And its also possible to switch between meet types for our cat to taste different foods without any problems.

  7. Which petfood should you use for a dog which has had an operation, and for how long?

    After an operation dogs are often disinterested in their food. It is therefore a good idea to offer them a food with a very high palatability and nutrient concentration, such as Bonacibo Puppy or Bonacibo HE Puppy, so that they can obtain as much as possible from a small quantity. It is also a good idea to moisten the food with warm water, as this will make it easier to consume and will enhance the flavour further.